AIDS Is Not Dirt You Throw at the Sidewalk

What is the stigma behind AIDS? 

People fear the very idea of being in the same room as one who’s suffering from it. They are bound to use special utensils at home, in school, in the cafeteria they frequent, or just about any place where people know their disease. It is befriending a person for his kindness, and turning your back against him just because you discovered he has AIDS. 

The world can be considered a playground, but every being in it is not a handful of sands you throw away because he/she does not fit the structure you have in mind. 

Sharing you have AIDS is like screaming at people to stay away from you, and they will. Not because they are afraid of you as a person but because they disdain the state you are in. Not because you are carrying a deadly venom but because their ignorant grasp of what you have is greater than their interest to actually study it.

Ultimate Love tries to break that stigma. Carrying AIDS does not make a person less of a human being, but it implores the rest of humanity to act like one. To be in that state is a vulnerability that needs generous compassion. Do not be like those apathetic and careless mob, nor the patronizing and condescending observer. 

Honest sympathy carries so much weight in itself that it lessens the weight of the inflicted, like tipping the balance of a scale to share the heavy load. And they will know the difference. A simple flick of the eye, a quiet sniff from perky nose, a shoddy declaration of advice, or the lack of words thereof. No matter how a person tries to help, it will only mean a great deal if he/she goes about it with actual sincerity.

That may be too much to ask considering the fallacious atmosphere AIDS is in. This is why I highly recommend this book to be read thoroughly and carefully. More than the painful experience, it helps others to be better at understanding it, which will ultimately lead to stirring some part of the pain away from the troubled individuals.

Learn to put the lessons in the pockets of your memory and heart. For as much as the mind will acknowledge, the heart must also accept. By doing so, you will have started to break the negative stigma concerning AIDS.

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