Losing Someone Is Both an Ending and a New Beginning

Losing someone you love is not the end, just like what happened to Kitty Caley. Author of Ultimate Love, she suffered the loss of her only child and decided to live with him is a loving memory.

Even when the world seems to fall apart as you see the person’s body you love the most buried six feet under, there is still air around you to breathe. Deaths cannot be controlled, maybe it could have been delayed, but it comes when it comes. No one is exempted from it.

The more you have invested in doing all you can to prolong the living, the less there is for regrets to arise. There is no such thing as living with no regrets in such cases, but there is time for accepting what was never in your hands to prevent. Sometimes, when the pain becomes too much to bear for the patient, you have to learn to let go because even the dying has their desire to live.

There might never be such sorrow worse than losing the most precious person to you in the universe, but it is a disgrace to them when you choose to live a sedentary life after they leave you behind. It is said to be apathetic about life because you believe the person you lost was worth dying. This is because when love is mutual, they wish to see both sides happy is the same. The person who loved you would not want you to waste your life away.

Ultimate love accepts the desires of the dead amidst the pull of yearning to follow them to the grave. The strength it takes to wake up another day and see the sun despite the onslaught of rain is one that takes absolute courage. Do not regret the decisions that happened because by doing so, you also regret everything you’ve done together with the person you loved. You cannot accept one without the other.

Kitty decided to live her life, helping the people who suffer from what she’d been through because of what her son had to endure. As a mother, losing her only son was the most severe torture. Ultimately, she never gave up because she knows she can live a life her son would be proud.

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