To Judge People by Their Sufferings Makes Things Worse for Them

Being judged for what you suffer only intensifies the suffering. Why is this so? Our willingness to recover or heal suffers greatly, which could potentially lead to depression. As the body falls into this state, the body’s chemical distribution goes haywire, which complicates the already complicated state. As a result, the will to live takes a sheer dive, never to resurface.

We claim that our love for the people we are so close with is so genuine that no amount of predicament could ever shatter it. There is no clear definition of what love truly is, for we interpret the word according to influence and our interest. However, my definition of love is that it sees people beyond their sufferings and encourages them healing — to hope beyond hope even in the direst situations.

One is never doomed to suffer when he or she shows kindness to those who are suffering. Besides, what is the point anyway of treating with contempt those who are already terminally suffering?

What if that person who’s suffering is your precious mom? Will you forget all the good moments and the best qualities of your mother just because society deems her sickness as if it were a curse? No, right?

This is because you love your mother so much, and love will always see beyond people’s sufferings. This kind of love is absolute, and when love is absolute, it flourishes even in the direst of states does not discriminate.

So when one’s end draws near, shower them with the gestures of love and make every second of their life count. After all, love still triumphs when all else fails, and even death does not have power over it.

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