Kitty Caley

Having a son and watching him grow into a healthy, likable young man brought immense joy to Kitty’s Caley’s life. Losing him when he was only twenty-seven was the ultimate agony.

This is Chip’s story, and Kitty’s too.

Caley eloquently chronicles THE ULTIMATE LOVE, seeing it from both the eyes of  the victim and of those who love him.  This story is of their struggle with a deadly and merciless disease at a time when little was known about it.

“The cover represents the heavenly essence of the light of God that Chip shared with his Mother while she was at his  bedside…as he reached his weakened hand and arm to God revealing what he was spontaneously experiencing. Once the book is read the significance is in the  spoken words.”

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Ultimate Love

A Life of Soul and Searching

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