Kitty Caley is one of the original people to be a volunteer with the Caring Friends Center which opened its doors two- and-one-half years ago. Prior to that I knew Kitty years before when I was Director of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. She was also a volunteer then on the Buddy Team, helping patients with HIV/AIDS, and the Quilt Project.

Caring Friends helps Women and men with Breast Cancer and men, women and children with HIV/AIDS. She is always at caring friends once a week every week to greet the clients with her pleasant smiling face and to talk with them about their concerns or whatever need there may be; at times just a hug letting them know someone cares.

• Kitty often gets personally involved in helping with other’s needs. The same as she does at the Center and its various events to help bring in needed supplies and donations, she always makes her time available.

Just last week Kitty was shown on the news (volunteer month) in an interview with Clarice Tinsley’s, CBS News Channel 11 Dallas, that had been on television last Christmas Fox News Channel 4 with Kitty wearing a Santa Claus Hat; she was Ms. Santa Claus at Caring Friends. September 29, 2000 AIDS Awareness Week Kitty was interviewed with Heather about AIDS while pictures in her book were shown for the Irving Review on ICTN ‘IV Irving, Texas.

Kitty has written a book about her son she lost to AIDS back in the mid-eighties. “Ultimate Love: A Life of Soul& Searching”, and we keep this book at Caring Friends. This is a very educational book and it is an exceptionally good way to reach people in all areas of life. To know what AIDS is all about. Kitty’s concern is not only the individual with Breast Cancer or HIV/AIDS. But for everyone. To know Kitty is to know she cares and her main concern is to be able to inform others in an understandable way, and help whenever and
wherever she is needed. To help with HIV/ AIDS Awareness.

Communication and helping those in need is what the Caring Friends Center is all about and Kitty’s inspiration with the book and her thoughtful caring self are a great asset to all she comes in contact with. Since the loss of
her son she is concerned for everyone when it comes to the HIV/AIDS Virus.

Jerry Lynn

Good Neighbors Award REALTOR Magazine
Jerry Lynn
Director of Operations of the Caring Friends Center
April 28, 2001



Kitty Caley Ultimate Love A Life of Soul & Searching Is just that, it inspires you to look deep within yourself and closely at the relationships you have with your sons and daughters, as well

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Karla Bond

Ultimate Love is a heart wrenching true story of love and loss. Life for all of us takes numerous unexpected twists and turns but this book truly shows that love is of the greatest importance.

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