“A Mother’s Love, A Mother’s Loss…” book by Kitty Caley

Sometimes life throws you curves and you have to handle them with the best you can. No one stands around with a manual and tells you how to handle things. Some of those curves are like a pioneering experience, maybe now many people have traveled this path before. You might be one of the first. Kitty Caley’s book is such an example. She dearly loved her son Chip, and continued that love and devotion even while being hit with blindsiding experiences. Reading her book can give your ideas of what it is like to handle experiences that few had up until that time.

Her book reveals all of the problems she and her son endured while living through an early AIDS experience. Chip died of AIDS when he was only 27, yet he lives on through his mother’s memories and this book. It is comforting to believe that love lives beyond the grave and someday they will again embrace each other.

Mike Ballard


M. Michels. 4/96

Our compliments on a fantastic book that touched both my daughters and me in many ways. You put a lot of perspective on both parent and child. So much love within the family structure. Both

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Mark Stevens

Dear Kitty: You’ve braved “the bitter grief” and through reading your book I have vicariously come to “understand” some measure of this bravery. From title page to final page the one overriding theme, surpassing all

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Anne Elwood

Kitty, I read your book last night. I couldn’t put it down. What a sad but lovely story of the love between you and your precious son. It sounds like he was a very strong

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